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Agenda :

  • Anniversary of Legislation

    On December 02, Sunday, the strongest piece of legislation in Brazil about accessibility for everyone is completing three years since enactment. The implementation act "Decreto-Lei" 5296 was issued to regulate two previous laws: Lei 10048, and Lei 10098, which enforce respectively the priority services and accessibility provisions to people with disabilities and people who experience conditions of reduced mobility.

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It is a fact now :

Acessibilidade: Uma Questão Espacial e Social
(accessibility: an environmental and social issue)

On November 22, Prof. Marcelo P. Guimarães lectured about "Universal Design, Technical Standards and Social Inclusion" at the I Seminário de Acessibilidade, which was held at the Câmara Municipal de Nova Lima (Chamber of Deputies). This seminar was organized by the Associação Novalimense dos Engenheiros, Arquitetos e Técnicos (the association of architects, engineers, and techinicians) it was a promotion by the Inspetoria do CREA-MG (the agency of the regional council of architects and engineers) em Nova Lima and Prefeitura Municipal (city hall).

II Encontro Regional de Pessoas Portadoras de Deficiência
(II Regional Meeting of People with Disabilities)

On October 31, Prof. Marcelo P. Guimarães lectured at the
II Encontro Regional de Pessoas Portadoras de Deficiência, which was promoted by UNILESTE - MG, Centro Universitário do Leste de Minas Gerais (UNILESTE university), in Coronel Fabriciano. This seminar was open to the public and involved opinion leaders from local and regional institutions.

III Seminário Nacional de Acessibilidade
(III National Seminar on Accessibility)

It happened in Recife - PE during October 17 and 19 / 2007. Prof. Marcelo P. Guimarães lecture was "Desenho Universal: Conceito Ainda a ser Seguido Pelas Normas Técnicas NBR-9050 e Pelo Decreto-lei da Acessibilidade" (National standards and federal legislation still need to practice the Universal Design concept). Other presenters approached accessibility through experiences, legal requirements, inclusive applications e personal testimonies.

Workshop in North Carolina - USA

Visiting the Center for Universal Design, in USA, during September 06 through 14, Prof. Marcelo P. Guimarães lectured about "The Holistic Approach to Universal Design Applications." He also established some inter-institutional exchange of experiences between NCSU and UFMG, provided some guidance to design students about his academic experiences in Brazil and participated in the critique sessions of the course "Universal Design," instructed by Prof. Sean Vahauss at College of Design, NCSU.


Charging the disguised practice of illegal professional activity for accessibility education ...

Prof. Marcelo P. Guimarães has filed a charge for investigation at the Board of Counselors in Architecture at CREA-MG (regional council of architects and engineers in Minas Gerais) against laypeople who present themselves as experts in accessibility, despite the lack of formal education in architecture and engineering. It is expected that the CONFEA - CREAs (National and State) Councils in Brazil will halt these people offering training courses to building professionals about compliance to the ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) accessibility guidelines.

"It is quite understandable that some people may take advantage of an expanding market and attempt to promote themselves. However, the Sistema CONFEA-CREAs must not allow prevailing lack of liability in professional activity, lack of ethical responsibilities and lack of compliance with the law."


avoid charlatanism...

verify the professional credentials of your instructor or technical  consultant!

verify the certified experience of blue-print author and/or contractor for accessibility construction work!